SKF Low Friction Fork Seal Kit - RockShox 35mm

SKF Low Friction Fork Seal Kit - RockShox 35mm


SKF fork seal kits for mountain bikes are made of the same self-lubricating compound developed for superior sealing performance in motorcycle applications.

SKF advantages:

  • Compatibility with a wide range of original equipment and aftermarket fork oils
  • Enhanced water and dirt protection
  • Capability to withstand UV light
  • Reduced wear and air suction for longer life
  • Wide range of tailored sizes to fit most applications

This kit ontains two integrated oil seal-dirt scrapers, crush washers and pre-impregnated foam rings. The integrated dust sealing lip is designed as a first guard against dirt entering the fork, thus preventing contamination of the other components in the fork. The integrated oil sealing lip prevents oil from exiting the fork. The special pre-impregnated foam ring within the kit provides enhanced friction reduction to the fork.

User friendly for quick replacement during periodical oil service.

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