Wolf Tooth ReMote Light Action Lever

Wolf Tooth ReMote Light Action Lever

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Compaible with: Fox Transfer, KS plus more
Clamp Otions: 22.2mm bar clamp, Shimano IS-AB, Shimano IS-II, Magura, SRAM Matchmaker X

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Made to offer a strong, low profile switch for your dropper seatpost, the Wolf Tooth Components ReMote Lever is a precision machined item that remains lightweight thanks to its aluminium 6061 T6 construction.

Moving around a large diameter ball-bearing pivot, the ReMote provides a smooth adjustment and far greater modulation, letting you really dial in the height on your ride. A cable-kind clamp that doesn't compress or add unnecessary lengths, this low profile lever is designed to shear off at the axle pivot in the event of a crash, keeping the actual levers intact.

Made in the USA and compatible with all cable actuated dropper seatposts, this lever is available in 5 iterations to match up better with different requirements and compatibilities, which you can see below.


  • ReMote IS-AB for Shimano I-Spec A or B - Includes IS-AB hardware
  • ReMote IS-AB for Shimano works for some Hope Brakes
  • ReMote IS-II for Shimano I-Spec II - Includes IS-II hardware
  • ReMote MM SRAM/Avid MatchMaker X - Includes the MatchMakerX hardware, which is a T-Nut and bolt that allows the ReMote MM to attach to the MatchMaker X clamp.
  • ReMote 22.2mm - includes hinged handlebar clamp for 22.2mm handlebars (22.2mm is the standard diameter where your shift and brake levers attach) Attach with 1 NM max.
  • ReMote Magura is designed to replace the handlebar clamp on Magura brakes


  • Material - 6061 T6 aluminium with Delrin axle
  • Weight - Shimano IS-AB - 31g, Shimano IS-II - 33g, SRAM MM - 42g, 22 (hinged clamp) - 36g
  • From lever to packaging, 65% or more of each ReMote is made in the USA
  • Large-diameter ball-bearing pivot: An industry first, the ReMote uses a massive 21mm sealed cartridge bearing for smooth operation and unparalleled modulation
  • Cable-kind clamp
  • Low-profile lever
  • Integrated cable adjustment
  • Breakaway axle pivot
  • Made in the USA
  • Compatible with all cable actuated dropper posts