Wolf Tooth ReMote Sustain Lever

Wolf Tooth ReMote Sustain Lever


Compatible With: RockShox Reverb
Clamp Otions: 22.2mm bar clamp

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Built for use with Rockshox Reverbs, the Wolf Tooth Components ReMote Sustain replaces the 22mm handlebar mounted remote and hydraulic system that operates your dropper seatpost. The precision-engineered lever and intuitive design reduce the complexity of a Reverb, improving the reliability and ensuring it is easier to service.

Ergonomically designed with a short lever throw, the Wolf Tooth remote has long been seen as a great upgrade for cable actuated dropper posts. This conversion kit allows you to take your Reverb to new heights in terms of performance, aesthetics and reliability.

Compatibility: Compatible with Rockshox Reverb A2 and B Spec Stealth (internal) routing dropper posts. NOT compatible with A1 spec Reverbs NOT compatible with non-Stealth (externally routed hydraulic hose) A2 Spec has no marking at the top of the stanchion and the speed adjuster knob is black (vs Silver for the A1) B Spec has gold "Rockshox" written at the top of the stanchion


  • A leak-proof, robust, and low-maintenance mechanical actuation system
  • Easy cable detachment for service or shipping
  • A 40mm (1 5/8in) reduction of in-frame height when compared to Connectamajig-equipped Reverbs
  • Straightforward 15-minute installation
  • Reverb Stealth generation A2 and B1 compatibility
  • Wolf Tooth's low-profile, high-traction lever
  • Easily-installed UpFront cable fixing
  • A large-diameter 21mm ball-bearing pivot
  • Low-torque Cable-Kind Clamp
  • A solidly-mounted, rattle-free integrated cable adjuster
  • The industry-first breakaway axle pivot, making the inevitable mishaps less (financially) painful
  • Available separately is an integrated brake lever mounting for Shimano I-Spec and SRAM Matchmaker X brake levers